Markert Report 15th December 2021

Markert Report 15th December 2021

Market Report 15th December 2021

Yarding 1398

Clint Endersby from Prostock Livestock reports on a firm market.

This was the last market for 2021. Our first market for 2022 will be 5th January.

Trade Steers ranged  to $4.30/kg to $4.80kg with export/heavy steers ranging $3.80/kg to $4.20.

Feeder Steers were strong $4.80/kg to to $5.65/kg with the light feeders ranging $5.20/kg to $6.00/kg.

Backgrounder Steers ranged $5.50/kg to $8.00/kg.

Trade Heifers ranged $3.80/kg to $4.45/kg with Feeder heifers ranging $4.80/kg to $5.50/kg.

Backgrounder Heifers ranged $5.50/kg to $7.20/kg.

Heavy Bulls ranged $3.00/kg to $3.47/kg with little bulls for the paddock ranging $4.00/kg to $5.80/kg

Best of the Cows ranged $3.55/kg to $3.95/kg with medium Cows ranging $3.30/kg to $3.65/kg.

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