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Market Report 7th April 2021

Market Report 7th April 2021 Yarding 779 Brian Eismann of FP Ag reports on this weeks market. Store cows ranged to $3.41/kg and store heifers to $5.09/kg Feeder heifers topeed at $4.77/kg with kill heifers up to $3.51/kg Steers set our record price of $ with feeders topping at $4.87/kg and kill steers to $4.57/kg […]Continue reading

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Sale Date Type Breed Sale Method Lot Head c/kg Avg kg Avg Amt Tot kg Tot Amt
07 Apr 2021BULLSHORTHORNWeigh11293905.02,651.65905.02,651.65
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh21293880.02,578.40880.02,578.40
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh31287900.02,583.00900.02,583.00
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUS XWeigh41287870.02,496.90870.02,496.90
07 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh51289925.02,673.25925.02,673.25
07 Apr 2021BULLHEREFORDWeigh612931,050.03,076.501,050.03,076.50
07 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh71289950.02,745.50950.02,745.50
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh81291950.02,764.50950.02,764.50
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh91293915.02,680.95915.02,680.95
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh101269945.02,542.05945.02,542.05
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh111269975.02,622.75975.02,622.75
07 Apr 2021BULLJERSEYWeigh121230585.01,345.50585.01,345.50
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh131250685.01,712.50685.01,712.50
07 Apr 2021BULLFRIESIANWeigh141245580.01,421.00580.01,421.00
07 Apr 2021STAGMURRAY GREYWeigh151270515.01,390.50515.01,390.50
07 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh1612771,120.03,102.401,120.03,102.40
07 Apr 2021BULLMURRAY GREYWeigh171290820.02,378.00820.02,378.00
07 Apr 2021BULLRED A ANGUSWeigh181293970.02,842.10970.02,842.10
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh193277833.32,308.332,500.06,925.00
07 Apr 2021BULLA ANGUSWeigh201200820.01,640.00820.01,640.00
07 Apr 2021HEIFERRED A ANGUSWeigh211331530.01,754.30530.01,754.30
07 Apr 2021HEIFERMURRAY GREYWeigh221270605.01,633.50605.01,633.50
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh231289720.02,080.80720.02,080.80
07 Apr 2021COWMURRAY GREYWeigh241260595.01,547.00595.01,547.00
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUS XWeigh251287695.01,994.65695.01,994.65
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh261273600.01,638.00600.01,638.00
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh272237527.51,250.171,055.02,500.35
07 Apr 2021COWSPWeigh281295650.01,917.50650.01,917.50
07 Apr 2021COWSPWeigh291295615.01,814.25615.01,814.25
07 Apr 2021STEERHEREFORDWeigh301269515.01,385.35515.01,385.35
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUS XWeigh311259590.01,528.10590.01,528.10
07 Apr 2021COWHEREFORDWeigh321279740.02,064.60740.02,064.60
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh331295525.01,548.75525.01,548.75
07 Apr 2021COWMURRAY GREYWeigh341289585.01,690.65585.01,690.65
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh351249485.01,207.65485.01,207.65
07 Apr 2021HEIFERMURRAY GREYWeigh361241330.0795.30330.0795.30
07 Apr 2021COWA ANGUSWeigh371209425.0888.25425.0888.25
07 Apr 2021STEERFRIESIANWeigh381295530.01,563.50530.01,563.50
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh393359725.02,602.752,175.07,808.25
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh401351560.01,965.60560.01,965.60
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh418419526.32,204.994,210.017,639.90
07 Apr 2021STEERRED A ANGUSWeigh422370565.02,090.501,130.04,181.00
07 Apr 2021STEERRED A ANGUSWeigh431370510.01,887.00510.01,887.00
07 Apr 2021STEERMURRAY GREY XWeigh445385500.01,925.002,500.09,625.00
07 Apr 2021STEERRED A ANGUSWeigh451385550.02,117.50550.02,117.50
07 Apr 2021STEERMURRAY GREYWeigh461387520.02,012.40520.02,012.40
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh471431530.02,284.30530.02,284.30
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh482439500.02,195.001,000.04,390.00
07 Apr 2021STEERA ANGUSWeigh491463450.02,083.50450.02,083.50
07 Apr 2021STEERRED A ANGUSWeigh501367590.02,165.30590.02,165.30
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