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Sale Date Type Breed Sale Method Lot Head c/kg Avg kg Avg Amt Tot kg Tot Amt
19 Jun 2024STEERA ANGUSWeigh2511120140.0168.00140.0168.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh2521150175.0262.50175.0262.50
19 Jun 2024HEIFERRED A ANGUSWeigh2533150226.7340.00680.01,020.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERRED A ANGUSWeigh2541120175.0210.00175.0210.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERHEREFORDWeigh2557130185.7241.431,300.01,690.00
19 Jun 2024BULLHEREFORDWeigh2564130196.3255.13785.01,020.50
19 Jun 2024BULLHEREFORDWeigh2573120133.3160.00400.0480.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh25814137181.4248.562,540.03,479.80
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUSWeigh2591140270.0378.00270.0378.00
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUSWeigh26020130180.8234.973,615.04,699.50
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUS XOpenA26118060.080.0060.080.00
19 Jun 2024STEERMURRAY GREYWeigh2624150190.0285.00760.01,140.00
19 Jun 2024STEERMURRAY GREYWeigh2633160193.3309.33580.0928.00
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUSWeigh2642150317.5476.25635.0952.50
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh2651140270.0378.00270.0378.00
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUSWeigh2661100215.0215.00215.0215.00
19 Jun 2024STEERA ANGUSWeigh2671120365.0438.00365.0438.00
19 Jun 2024STEERA ANGUSWeigh2681150335.0502.50335.0502.50
19 Jun 2024STEERSPECKLEWeigh2691150230.0345.00230.0345.00
19 Jun 2024STEERA ANGUSWeigh2702160247.5396.00495.0792.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh2712150212.5318.75425.0637.50
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSOpenA27212060.020.0060.020.00
19 Jun 2024BULLA ANGUSOpenA2731120135.0120.00135.0120.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh2742320357.51,144.00715.02,288.00
19 Jun 2024CALVESFRIESIANOpenA2763450.045.000.0135.00
19 Jun 2024CALVESJERSEYOpenA2773150.
19 Jun 2024CALVESFRIESIANOpenA2781450.
19 Jun 2024CALVESFRIESIANOpenA2794750.075.000.0300.00
19 Jun 2024CALVESJERSEYOpenA2803450.045.000.0135.00
19 Jun 2024COWJERSEYWeigh28110355.00.00355.00.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh28210370.00.00370.00.00
19 Jun 2024HEIFERA ANGUSWeigh2831320360.01,152.00360.01,152.00
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