Online Bidding Help

Guide To Online Bidding with Southern Livestock Exchange

Registration and Login

If you do not already have a password to view or bid online then you will need to sign up. Head to and at the login screen click the Sign Up tab.

Once the Sign Up tab is showing enter your email address and choose a password. You will be guided to make sure your password is strong enough for your protection.

Once you have a password you can log in to the online auction using the Log In tab.

If you want to place bids you will need to contact the office and get your buyer code linked to your online email address.

To be eligible for a buyer code you must make an application. We will need to verify you ourselves and check your status with your livestock agent.

Please email or call (08) 8556 8497 to start your application.

Viewing the Auction

There are a few things that will help you  with your viewing experience.

Full screen view is the best and most reliable view. To go full screen you need to press the full screen icon next to the bidding buttons.

On some browsers you will need to press the play button in the middle of the screen to commence the video stream. This is to work around some of the browser limitations / protections.

A Virtual Ruler is provided to help keep size of cattle in perspective. This ruler is just a guide and in no way indicates the actual size of the cattle. Please use the weights to help guide you on the real life size of the cattle. The ruler can be switched on and off using the settings icon (the spanner).

A list of the last five lots sold is available below the video showing the buyer, the weight, the type and breed, number of head, paint code and price. This gives you time to jot down the details of lots you are interested in. This list can be turned on or off in the settings.

You can log out of the viewing under the settings menu.

Placing Bids

There are two types of bids you can place. One-Off and Hold.

A One-Off bid sent when the Place Bid button is pressed or if you hit the space bar on the keyboard. This will call out a bid to the auctioneer. Just like if you were there the auctioneer will need to take your bid. If another bidder comes in your bid will be finished and you will have to place a bid again.

A Hold bid will keep bidding on your behalf until there are no more bids against you or you press cancel. This will keep you in the game with out pressing mouse or keyboard buttons, but don’t forget to cancel when the prices get to hot. Remember you can cancel and switch to One-Off bids at any time.

If you are keen on a lot of cattle then we recommend using a Hold bid to give yourself the best chance. The One-Off bid is for a more tentative or speculative bid.

You will be notified of the auction progress via messages above the bid buttons. Messages relate to whether your bid is in the lead or not and if you won the bid or not.

If your bid has been accepted and is the current bid

If another bidder is in the lead

If you have won the lot

If the lot is over and another bidder won

Some buyers will have multiple buyer codes for various reasons. If your email is linked with multiple buyer codes.

If you have multiple buyer codes you can select which code you are bidding with before placing your bids. The selection is to the left of the bid buttons as a drop down list.


Online Auction streaming is only made possible using state of the art technology that has emerged over the last 2 years. We have worked hard to ensure that viewing is possible across all the platforms, some issues of course are beyond our control.


The application you use to go on the internet is called a Browser. There are many competing browsers that behave slightly differently. The browsers that will not work with modern technology is Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, so these browsers are not supported. Microsoft Edge is releasing a more conforming version but until that is widely distributed we can not support it. Apple iPhones will not work.


Using the latest technology we have been able to reduce the size of our video stream substantially. This means we can work with most broadband internet connections. However the connection must be reliable and it must have a constant 2-3 Mbps low latency connection. Satelite connections. 4G phone connections and scratchy ADSL connections will make video streaming unusable. Live video means there is no ability to buffer content so being able to watch netflix does not mean live streaming will work.